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This web site contains sexually explicit material:
Bondage | BDSM Models Wanted

FetishPros has 4 websites currently producing content. Please have a look at the type of content each one produces. This is a paid gig and our shoots last 4 hours on average. You are paid for the time you are at the studio.

No experience or nudity is necessary. Models should be able to handle a variety of gags and tight bondage of the legs and arms using rope and tape. We do not shoot penetration. While we provide wardrobe for the models we encourage you to bring sexy attire such as lingerie, high heels, and stockings.

We are well known for treating our models well, and creating a safe environment

Performer pay varies according to content, sexual contact and website, as well as industry experience. Pay rate is determined at the time of booking.

Interested models should send an mail to [email protected]